De Ortega


Suggestive sensations with notes of tomato, fig and freshly cut grass with a balanced flavor, between bitter and spicy, that conquers the palate.

This oil has an excellent combination of natural fatty acids, a high polyphenol content, vitamin E and a good resistance to oxidisation making it especially important for health care and the preservation of foodstuffs.

It is a perfect accompaniment for both fish and meat dishes, stir-fries and all types of sauces and emulsions.


A delicate and fresh oil; intense green fruit with notes of green almonds, tomato, banana and apple giving medium levels of bitterness and pepper. This oil bursts with surprising nuances and shades of flavour.

We strongly recommend using this oil fresh on salads, rice dishes, soups and sauces where it will bring out the natural flavours of the food while adding a subtle something extra.