Black Rice and Adlai Risotto

Black Rice and Adlai Risotto

1 tablespoon garlic
¼ cup Grassfed butter
1 PC onion
1 black rice
½ cup Adlai
1tsp salt
3cups veggie stock

Soak the black rice for at least 15 minutes before cooking with the adlai.

Before combining the adlai to the black rice, toast the adlai for around five minutes in a heated pan.

Heat the grassfed butter over low heat, add onion till it becomes translucent. Add the garlic. When garlic is cooked (do not allow to burn/toast), mix in the soaked black rice and the toasted adlai. Slowly stir in the veggie stock over a low flame. Continiously stir the black rice and adlai mixture as you gradually add the veggie stock. Continue to do this until the rice and adlai mixture is cooked. Season with salt and pepper.

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